The Bruery Batch 300 Review

Orange County The Bruery Batch 300

Described as an Oaked Tripel with Citra Hops, Batch 300 is the culmination of a homebrew competition held by Orange County’s The Bruery.  It took me three straight weekends of drinking Batch 300 at The Bruery’s tasting room before I found out that the contest winner, Grant Phillips, is the younger brother of a good friend of mine. I’m still crossing my fingers for an introduction and I’m hoping that you’ll read about him more in a later post.

Served on draft, Batch 300 pours a gorgeous golden amber color. The heavy dose of Citra hops gives it a nice well retained head that remains creamy and bitter with every sip. This also gives it a vibrant floral aroma that any hop head is sure to love.

Since this is a tripel, there is definitely that funky farmhouse, saison-like, earthy Belgian flavor that I have so much trouble describing. This flavor is much lighter though then your typical tripel because it’s balanced by the slight bitterness of the citra hops. The skillful combination of that unique tripel taste with an insatiable hop aroma is what makes this beer so damn good.

They added even another layer of flavor through barrel aging which gives it a subtle oak taste. With every taste, the amazing balance of hops, yeast, and oak stays on the palate for a deliciously long time (although it never seems to be long enough) and at 8.7% ABV, it finishes relatively light and dry.

It’s so good that I will most likely continue making my weekly trip to the tasting room until it’s gone. Even when they do run out, it’ll still be impossible to resist going but that’s a blog post for another day. The Bruery’s Batch 300 has become one of my favorite beers from a brewery which has claimed a similar rank in my heart.

If you’re anywhere near the area, be sure to head over to the tasting room before it’s gone. At the very least pick up a 750ml or two at your local bottle shop. You won’t be disappointed.

Have you had Batch 300 by The Bruery? Let me know what you think of it in the comments.

– Philippe

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