Russian River Brewing Pliny the Elder Review

Russian River Pliny the Elder

Brewery: Russian River Brewing Company

Name: Pliny the Elder

Style: Double India Pale Ale

ABV: 8%

IBU: 100

Look: Ultra clear. This beer defines clarity in an IPA as you can literally see your fingers through the side of the glass. Nice bright orange hue and decent hoppy head that foams up than dissipates out slowly.

Smell: Hops… Lots and lots of hops. Hard to smell beyond them as they’re so floral and fragrant. Light notes of grass and lemon. Swirl it around and the earthiness comes out leaving it smelling fresh like the air after heavy rain. Incredibly aromatic.

Taste: Beautifully bitter and perfectly hop forward. This bottle was really fresh so there was hardly any sweetness at all. The citrus notes come through at the end. In a sense, tt doesn’t taste like it smells, which in this case is fine because if you take a big sniff as you sip, you get an aroma explosion that complements the flavor profile nicely.

Feel: My favorite part of Pliny is the mouthfeel. Russian River is definitely using highly attenuative yeast which rips through the sugar leaving the mouthfeel really light with a clean dry finish. This makes this 8% ABV Double IPA, very easy to drink and delectably light on the palate, especially considering the extreme hop bill. Definitely one of my favorite IIPA’s even considering the intense hype.

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