The Bruery Batch 300 Review

Orange County The Bruery Batch 300

Described as an Oaked Tripel with Citra Hops, Batch 300 is the culmination of a homebrew competition held by Orange County’s The Bruery.  It took me three straight weekends of drinking Batch 300 at The Bruery’s tasting room before I found out that the contest winner, Grant Phillips, is the younger brother of a good friend of mine. I’m still crossing my fingers for an introduction and I’m hoping that you’ll read about him more in a later post.

Served on draft, Batch 300 pours a gorgeous golden amber color. The heavy dose of Citra hops gives it a nice well retained head that remains creamy and bitter with every sip. This also gives it a vibrant floral aroma that any hop head is sure to love.

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Lindemans Gueuze Cuvée René Review

Before any beer gets reviewed, I’d like to explain a few things. First, I’m not writing to be a critic. While I may mention aspects of certain beers that I’m not entirely fond of, these are strictly my opinions and you may absolutely love that same element. In fact, I hope this happens, and if it does be sure to tell me in the comments. Enough of that, lets get to the beer. Last Thursday was Belgian Independence Day so this is a review of the Belgian sour that I celebrated with.

Lindemans Gueuze Cuvée René, as the name suggests, is a Belgian Gueuze which makes it part of the Lambic style of beer. Lambic’s are unique because instead of adding a cultivated yeast, they ferment spontaneously using the wild yeast that is native to certain parts of Belgium. This gives it a sour and acidic flavor which is indicative of the style which also include the raspberry flavored Framboise and the sour cherry flavored Kriek.

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A Brief Introduction & Belgian Independence Day

I should probably introduce myself before we have a few pints together and I forget to. My name is Philippe.

I recently graduated from the University of San Diego and anyone that’s been to San Diego knows that they have a booming culture surrounding their local craft beer. As soon as I hit the legal drinking age (a mere 14 months ago), I started exploring the many different styles available to me, from Stone’s Smoked Porter with Vanilla, served from a cask, to an illusive double IPA you may have heard of, called Pliny the Elder. This has allowed me to try many incredible beers in many amazing places and those beers, places, and experiences are what I will be writing about on this blog

You should already be drinking a beer but if you aren’t, I recommend you open one now (granted you’re of legal drinking age of course *ahem*). Today is Belgian Independence Day so in honor of their revolution against the United Kingdom, I recommend you enjoy a sour Lambic, a Flanders Red Ale or any of the other amazing beers that Belgium has to offer. A couple of my favorites are Chimay Grand Reserve and Affligem Tripel but there are so many good ones that it’s hard to remember them all. Tonight I will be tasting Lindemans Gueuze Cuvée René for the first time so expect a review shortly. Other beers in the pipelines for review include Baird/Ishii/Stone’s Japanese Green Tea IPA and Karl Strauss’ Off The Rails.

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