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Zane Lamprey Interview – Part 2: The Career Drinker

Zane Lamprey Interview - Pt. 2 The Career Drinker

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Philippe: We should probably talk a bit about craft beer since that’s what this blog is all about. Would you consider yourself a beer guy? When you find yourself thirsty, what do you drink?

Zane Lamprey: I am a beer guy. I’m definitely a beer guy. I like my cocktails but I’m also really into beer. I haven’t come out with a beer yet because there’s so much good stuff out there already and quite frankly, it’s already made. If I want a good beer, I have a really great selection to pull from. Compare that to what you could find 10 years ago and it’s just amazing. I love the fact that if I wanted to have a different kind of beer every single day, than I could.

Philippe: I’m going to have to take your word on state of the beer scene 10 years ago since I was still only in middle school at the time.

Zane: Well I wasn’t, trust me.

Philippe: Since Three Sheets was based mostly internationally, you must have travelled all over by now right?

Zane: Three Sheet’s is pretty much International while Drinking Made Easy is about North America. Last year, we did the US plus Vancouver and this year we’ll be shooting in three locations in Canada, I think we’re going to Montreal, Quebec, and maybe Ottawa.

Philippe: Ya they’re making some killer beer up there, for example, Unibroue.

Zane: Well there isn’t much to do up there but play hockey and drink beer.

Philippe: Ya well you’re talking to a Canadian so I think you should be careful what you say…

Zane: Listen, I grew up in Syracuse which is even higher than some places in Canada.

Philippe: Well, I think we have a lot in common between beer drinking and hockey. You definitely have an emphasis on craft beer in your show. During one of your earliest episodes, you were in Belgium drinking some really good stuff (looked like Westvleteren 12 to me).

Zane:  That’s when it really happened. That’s when I saw that there was more than just the fizzy yellow stuff. I’m pulling a line from Greg Koch of Stone by the way (of course). That was a real eye opening experience and I’ve learned so much more about Belgian beer consumption since I’ve left. When I was there, it was all too much to take in.

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Zane Lamprey Interview – Part 1: The Iron Liver

Zane Lamprey Craft Beer

When the opportunity came to interview, the man, the legend, the Iron-liver himself, Zane Lamprey, I couldn’t pass it up. Initially, I wasn’t even sure if he liked craft beer but the more I talked with him, the more I saw a true passion for the finer elements of the drinking experience.

In 2006, Zane started his first drinking related TV show called Three Sheets. The premise involves a man who travels the globe imbibing with locals and experiencing their culture, one drink at a time. Think, a version of Anthony Bourdain that drinks a lot. Well, I guess that doesn’t work very well but you get the idea. His current show on HD Net, Drinking Made Easy, explores the local drinking customs throughout North America which has recently seen a heavier emphasis on local craft breweries.

Zane and I discuss everything from his experience working at Foot Locker to drinking Maui Brewing Co.’s Coconut Porter. This first part focuses on the man behind the persona while the second half will take a closer look at his life as a professional drinker. From the fifteen year old boy working at the mall, to the aspiring actor taking any interview he can get. This is Zane Lamprey.

Philippe: Hey Zane, how are you tonight?

Zane Lamprey: I’m doing well, thank you.

Philippe: Sorry to keep you in the office so late. I’m sure you’d rather be somewhere else?

Zane: No, no it’s one of those days. I work long days. We record and put together our podcast on Monday and Tuesday and we release it on Wednesdays so there was a lot of pod casting happening today.

Philippe: Cool, well let’s start out with the basics. What’s in your glass right now? Are you drinking anything?

Zane: I do have a drink, not that I’m always drinking at my desk but we just did the cocktail mixology segment for our podcast so Jacopo Falleni came in and made something with St. Germain, and grapefruit juice. We made a big one as a joke but then he left and the podcast was done so I’m sitting in my office, meeting with one of my producers, and I’m sipping on it thinking to myself ,”wait a minute, why am I sipping on this drink?” Working I guess.

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The Quest for 366 Beers in 366 Days

Untappd Logo

A beer a day keeps the doctor away. At least I think that’s how the saying goes. Over the last 18 months, I’ve been fortunate to explore the many depths of craft beer through beer festivals, tasting events, and trips down the beer aisle. Many were highlights and hardly any were deemed lowlights, although I have been accused of liking every beer that I try.

I’m a beer lover, simple as that. I’m even guilty of drinking a macro now and then. Save your gasp, even though they brew it with rice, the stuff won’t kill you. Trust me.

June 17th 2011. That’s the day I started using Untappd and logging each beer as I tasted it. As a personal goal, I’d like to check in to one unique beer for every day of the year day. The final 3 month stretch is almost here and I want to bring you along for the ride. Starting tomorrow, I’ll be posting pictures and mini reviews on Tumblr as I taste the final 70 beers.

First, will be reviews of beers that have been personal highlights from the past 9 months. That includes the likes of Port Brewing’s Old Viscosity, the now defunct Airdale Brewing’s The Angry Panda, and Lagunitas Brewing’s Little Sumpin’ Wild Ale. After those, expect a consistent flow of new reviews as I get closer to my target number of 366. Follow the journey on Tumblr and Untappd.

Which beers do you think I should try over the next 3 and a half months? Comment on FacebookTwitterGoogle+ or even right here and share your recommendations.



Philippe Gagnon is the founder and writer for Craft Beer Culture. Currently residing in Orange County, California, you can find him at the local brewery drinking craft beer or online through FacebookTwitter, and .

5 Reasons Why Breweries Need Social Media

With 1,716 craft breweries across the United States today, the harsh reality is that differentiating your brand has become more necessary than ever. Traditionally, this is done through the use of TV, radio, print, or outdoor advertising, but these mediums are often way too expensive for small companies. That’s where social media comes in. But, why should small local breweries use social media? Well, I’m glad you asked.

1. Brand Personality: Social media is branding in its purest form and allows a brand the constant opportunity to directly communicate who they are and why they do it. This is something that needs to be taken advantage of because it can really help one brewery stand out against the rest. For example, when someone mentions Stone Brewing Company, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? For me, I think of liquid arrogance, my degree of worthiness, and even a bit of Greg Face. Brand personality is a very real concept and social media should be used as an avenue to reinforce that personality with each post.

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Interview with OC Beer Society founder Ron Bland

OC Beer Society

Sandwiched between San Diego’s established craft beer culture and the growing community in Los Angeles, Orange County is a region with a lot of potential. Following the success of the recent OC Brew HaHa and October’s OC beer week, craft beer in Orange County is percolating and a serious revolution is starting to take off. Over the past few years, establishments like The Bruery, Noble Ale Works, and Pizza Port San Clemente have helped convert the taste buds of residents and are making good beer more accessible than ever.

So what’s Orange County’s craft beer future? We asked founder of the OC Beer Society Ron Bland to share his perspective.

1. Let’s start from the beginning, why was the OC Beer Society created and how did it come to be?

OC Beer Society was started in December of 2007 while I was working for Back Street Brewery’s Ladera Ranch location (now closed). Originally it was started to help me hone my brewer’s pallet by tasting different examples of specific beer styles and how they differed from brewery to brewery & it quickly evolved from there.

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A Brief Introduction & Belgian Independence Day

I should probably introduce myself before we have a few pints together and I forget to. My name is Philippe.

I recently graduated from the University of San Diego and anyone that’s been to San Diego knows that they have a booming culture surrounding their local craft beer. As soon as I hit the legal drinking age (a mere 14 months ago), I started exploring the many different styles available to me, from Stone’s Smoked Porter with Vanilla, served from a cask, to an illusive double IPA you may have heard of, called Pliny the Elder. This has allowed me to try many incredible beers in many amazing places and those beers, places, and experiences are what I will be writing about on this blog

You should already be drinking a beer but if you aren’t, I recommend you open one now (granted you’re of legal drinking age of course *ahem*). Today is Belgian Independence Day so in honor of their revolution against the United Kingdom, I recommend you enjoy a sour Lambic, a Flanders Red Ale or any of the other amazing beers that Belgium has to offer. A couple of my favorites are Chimay Grand Reserve and Affligem Tripel but there are so many good ones that it’s hard to remember them all. Tonight I will be tasting Lindemans Gueuze Cuvée René for the first time so expect a review shortly. Other beers in the pipelines for review include Baird/Ishii/Stone’s Japanese Green Tea IPA and Karl Strauss’ Off The Rails.

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