Ballast Point Sculpin IPA Review

Ballast Point Brewing Co Sculpin IPA

The day before IPA Day, I walked into Total Wine in hopes of finding something special. I went straight to the back walk-in fridge, a spot a kind employee once showed that frequently has delicious and hard to find beers. This is where I came upon an unopened case from Ballast Point Brewing Company. I carefully lifted one of the cases flaps, grabbed the top of a 22oz bottle and pulled out the one and only, Sculpin IPA.

Sculpin has a perfectly gold color and its head stays consistent until the very end. It smells of really fresh hops which gives it a bitter nose but in a really pleasing way, similar to the aroma of a good coffee. There are also lots of fruity flavors like peach, apricot, melon, and pineapple that really jump out of the glass.

The smell acts as a preview to the amazing profile of flavors that can be tasted. Each flavor has its own distinct place which allows it to be enjoyed both individually and together. There isn’t a hint of alcohol taste even though it’s 7% ABV which put this one in the “dangerously drinkable” category. It’s bitter but not too bitter, sweet but not too sweet. Simply perfect. The mouthfeel is extremely light… unbelievably light…. beautifully light (can you tell I like this beer).

What makes Sculpin so great is that it has the right combination of everything. From the right amount of bitterness so that you never get tired of it, to the wide profile of flavors that remain distinct, to the extremely drinkable body that manages to lose no flavor. Sculpin IPA is one of the most interesting and delicious examples of this fine style of craft beer.

– Philippe

Philippe Gagnon is the founder and writer for Craft Beer Culture. Currently residing in Orange County, California, you can find him at the local brewery drinking craft beer or online through FacebookTwitter, and .

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